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2023 Winter Conference Announcement

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Our 2023 winter conference asks what light the gospel sheds on being human now, especially in view of economic, ecological, and technological challenges.

Our annual winter conference takes place over three days in July, shortly before the start of the new semester. This year our sessions run from 3pm to 8pm, featuring workshops, dinner together, and an exciting roster of speakers and panelists across the three evenings. This should make the conference more accessible to students and external visitors who are not on university vacation.

Our topic is human flourishing, and we’re investigating what it means to flourish from a biblical perspective, what it implies about the Christian life now, and particularly how we might respond to the challenges posed by economic imbalances, ecological degradation, and rapid technological change, especially at the beginning of the artificial-intelligence era.

We will announce our programme, speakers, and sign-up process soon, so keep an eye out for future announcements.