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The University of Cape Town YMCA is an interdenominational Christian society that helps its members to integrate their faith with their studies and all of life—for the common good.

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Welcome to the UCT Y

Thank you for visiting the UCT Y! Scroll down for more information about our offering for students and our upcoming events. For information for our postgraduate students and our wider community of partners (faculty, donors, churches, etc.), click the icon.


Living & Learning Community

The UCT Y has 9 spaces for men and women in our residential programme. We invite you to join our Living & Learning Community and to put friendship and Christian growth at the heart of your student experience.

What Makes the Y Different?

The UCT YMCA is an interdenominational Christian study centre: a place where we explore the implications of the gospel for your study, your vocation, and all of life. Although you’re expected at university to keep your faith out of your studies, we see the gospel as the living centre that makes sense of our work, our world, and everything else.

We work closely with undergraduates and postgraduates to provide a Christian foundation for vocation and social and cultural service to equip you to take up key roles at the university and beyond.

What Happens at the Y?


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The Core Project

The Core Project offers Christian UCT students the opportunity to sign up for an inspiring Christian discipleship programme. The time commitment during term is light but the investment could be life changing.

Core offers students:

  • An education in Christian foundations with an engaged community of Christian peers
  • Access to Christian training and mentoring
  • Opportunities to explore areas of your gifting
  • Opportunities to participate in student leadership

Speak to a staff member about enrolling for 2024.

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Calling all alumni

The UCT YMCA recently launched its alumni association. If you were a past Y member and would like to stay in touch with us, please add your details to the community list on the other side of this button:


Upcoming Events

The Y has an exciting roster of weekly and special events. Here’s what we’re doing this O Week.

Upcoming Events

The Y has an exciting roster of weekly and special events. Click on the images to see what’s coming up.

Featured Events

storyline of scripture

2024 Bible Exploration: The Storyline of Scripture

Friday 23 February, we begin a series of Bible studies on the topic: The Storyline of Scripture. As introductory as this topic might seem, it is a very powerful foundation stone for one’s understanding of the Bible.

scripture seminar

2023 Spring Seminar Announcement

This Spring vacation, we’re running a short afternoon seminar to discuss some basic meta-ideas about Scripture and some easy-to-use interpretive tools to help make you a more attentive reader of the Bible.


2023 Q3 Community Cooking

Community cooking is an opportunity to take a break from the studies, meet up with friends, and learn some life-changing cooking skills from Ma Precious.