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2024 Bible Exploration: The Storyline of Scripture

storyline of scripture
Friday 23 February, we begin a series of Bible studies on the topic: The Storyline of Scripture. As introductory as this topic might seem, it is a very powerful foundation stone for one's understanding of the Bible.

Stories then and now

The Bible is a collection of books of various kinds, and it is arranged in a way that sometimes masks a continuous and exciting storyline running from creation to the early decades of the Christian church. Understanding the storyline of Scripture makes your reading more rewarding as you are enabled to locate each book within its historical timeline, and it gives you a framework on which to organise your thinking about the faith. More than this, it helps us to see our own lives as chapters in this same story.

Join our weekly discussion group and get to know the Bible better. The studies are based on a topical booklet from our excellent little library (see the contents below). The group will be part of a great line up of regular Friday afternoon events at the Y, including Wisdom over Waffles, which follows immediately after.

We’re also excited to have the fruits of our new internship focus in evidence. Our facilitator this semester, Tash, is a full-time theology student at George Whitefield College in Muizenberg and he is joining us as a volunteer intern this year. We’re thrilled to have him on board!

Starts Friday 23 February at 2:45.

storyline of Scripture contents
storyline of Scripture contents