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2024 Bible Exploration: The Storyline of Scripture

storyline of scripture

Friday 23 February, we begin a series of Bible studies on the topic: The Storyline of Scripture. As introductory as this topic might seem, it is a very powerful foundation stone for one’s understanding of the Bible.

2023 Spring Seminar Announcement

scripture seminar

This Spring vacation, we’re running a short afternoon seminar to discuss some basic meta-ideas about Scripture and some easy-to-use interpretive tools to help make you a more attentive reader of the Bible.

2023 Q3 Community Cooking


Community cooking is an opportunity to take a break from the studies, meet up with friends, and learn some life-changing cooking skills from Ma Precious.

2023-24 Committee Elections


The end of August also means the end of another student committee’s term serving the UCT Y community. Within the next couple of weeks we’ll be inviting nominations and holding an AGM in which we elect a new committee.

2023 Winter Conference Announcement

winter conference featured IMG

Our 2023 winter conference asks what light the gospel sheds on being human now, especially in view of economic, ecological, and technological challenges.